WichitaCPRTraining is a Dealer for AED and First Aid Kits!

WichitaCPRTraining has partnered with Zoll and Physio-Control to become the source for Automatic External Defibrillators (AED's) in Wichita.  We also carry a variety of First Aid Kits.  Call us today and let us give you a quote that saves lives!

About Us

Wichita CPR Training Co., a subsidiary of Amber Waves Diving Company, is the leader in CPR, First Aid and Emergency First Response Training in Wichita, Kansas.  Located at 307 S. Greenwich Road in Wichita, we offer courses for American Heart Association (AHA), Emergency First Responder (EFR),  American Safety and Health Institute, or the National Safety Council certifications.  All of these courses are OSHA approved and meet the requirements of Kansas requirements for day care providers under Lexis Law.   Most of our instructors are active, public safety professionals who work in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services and other careers that give them the opportunity to use these skills regularly in real world scenarios.  All of our instructors have been through extensive training to ensure your organization gets the best information possible to help you save a life!  Not only will we teach you the "out of the book" information, but due to our unique experience set our instructors will bring real world application to the table.  Give us a call today at (316) 775-6688 or email us at info@amberwavesdiving.com and find out why we are Wichita's leading CPR, First Aid, and Emergency First Response training provider.


Upcoming FIRST AID-CPR-O2 Classes

Lexie's Law Passed in Kansas - January 2012

The Kansas Legislature passed K.A.R. 28-4-114a in January of 2012.  This regulation is known as "Lexie's Law and REQUIRES day care homes, group day care homes, child care centers and Preschools to have all employees certified in pediatric First Aid and pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  The Amber Waves team is your premier source to become compliant with this new regulation.  Our professional team can get your employees AHA certified in as little as 3-hours!  Call us today so we can schedule your class.  We can come to you or you can come to us!

What is EFR?

Emergency First Response (EFR) is the fastest-growing international CPR, AED and first aid training organization. With more than 31,000 instructors worldwide, Emergency First Response is backed by 36 years of experience in the development and delivery of instructional courses, training materials and educational curricula. Emergency First Response courses have gained widespread international acceptance. Our company is the premier CPR, First Aid and Emergency Response training option in Wichita, Kansas.

Why Do I Need This?

Many organizations ask, "why do we need this training?" The answer is really quite simple. You care about your customers and your employees! This training can truly save a life - one of a customer walking into your place of business, a co-worker, a passer-by, even that of a loved one. The skills you will be taught during the CPR and First Aid courses are skills that you may find yourself needing on a moments notice. There is no price that can be put on saving a life and anyone who is put in a position where they need to become involved to help another will only truly appreciate what they have learned when they help save another. The Amber Waves Team is eager to help ensure your organization is prepared in the event of an emergency.